Tipping Software from Tribal Tipping

Our licensing service delivers a hosted tipping service managed by Tribal Tipping, which is rich in features yet easy to use by all levels of sports tippers. Our Sports Tipping solutions have been developed to drive user engagement and build participation in a "community" environment. Hosted tipping competitions are a proven vehicle for driving high levels of site traffic over prolonged periods. On average each tipper will visit your site 2 times per week and remain on the site for circa 2 minutes. This frequency and length of visits creates visitor engagement and advertising opportunities. Your tipping competition can be re skinned to reflect your company brand, with Tribal Tipping's involvement being transparent from the site visitors perspective.

Hosted Tipping Competition Options

Two options are available:

Single Competition

A fully managed free to enter tipping competition where users are invited to enter to join a single competition (e.g. Company 123's AFL Tipping Competition) and then compete against the other registered tippers within the competition. Throughout the duration of the competition tippers will be ranked relative to their tipping performance and are able to view a range of information about their performance relative to others tippers within the competition.

Multiple Competitions

Users can enter both the "public" competition open to all users and also set up their own "Private" competition(s) which they can invite their friends, family and colleagues to participate in. Both the public and private competitions are skinned to reflect your company brand.

What Sports do we cover?

With Tribal Tipping you have the ability to offer multiple sports across your site at any time. So during the NRL season you could also run a Rugby Super 15 Tipping Competition. Sports we currently cover are:

  • NRL
  • AFL
  • A League
  • EPL
  • Rugby Super 15
  • Rugby World Cup

If you have an idea for another Sport or event that Tribal Tipping doesn't currently have we'd be happy to look at adding new codes.

See an example of a customised site here

For further information on our licensing solutions please contact us